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BugLab Handheld OD Scanner

od scanner021212-nozoomThe OD Scanner eliminates the need to open shake flasks to measure biomass. Simply point the sensor into a shake flask, and within 6 seconds your biomass measurement is complete. No more dilutions or wasted samples!


Fast, handheld OD Scanner for Shake Flasks

  • The world's first and only handheld biomass monitor
  • Measures biomass from shake flasks in seconds
  • No costly consumables
  • Completely non-invasive...measures through the wall of the flask!

BugLab Handheld Introductory Video


The instrument directly reports biomass from 0.5 to 10 g/L. High accuracy (<15% error) has been demonstrated across a wide range of vessel sizes (250 through 2,000mL) and materials (glass, PC, PET). Proper alignment is assured during each measurement by a pair of positioning sensors. Only 3cm of fluid needs to be present in front of the scanner during measurement. Redundant optical sensors are used to ensure that sufficient liquid is present during a measurement.

Measurements are automatically initiated when the position sensors are engaged against a shake flask. Correct placement is confirmed with audio and visual indicators. Subtraction of background media absorbtion is accomplished by the push of a button, and the built-in batteries are charged via a USB connection.

Up to 999 measurements can be stored and downloaded to your PC via a USB connection. Data are tracked by date, time, and measurement number. Custom calibrations (beyond those that are pre-programmed into the instrument) are easily uploaded to the scanner.

Labeling 120511 black


Range of Biomass Sensitivity* 0.05 to >10 g/L
Biomass Accuracy*
(typical RMSE)

<15% (biomass 0.3-10 g/L)

Measurement Time 6 seconds
Calibration to external reference standards Via user interface software
Number of stored measurements 999
Number of stored calibration sets Up to 16

Measured vessels

  • Tested Materials
  • Wall Thickness
  • Capacity (filled to 20%)


  • Transparent glass, PC, PET
  • <5mm
  • 250-2,000 mL
Required Fill Volume ≥ 3 cm fluid depth in front of the entire measurement window.

* Determined for dry cell weight of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

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Handheld OD Scanner Specifications

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