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Hamilton Sensors: 30 years of precision analytics

For over 30 years, the Hamilton name has been associated with uncompromised quality in precision fluid measuring and analytical products. The same competence has led Hamilton's Sensor Technology Group to design a line of high quality pH, and oxygen electrodes for laboratory and process measurment. 

EasyFerm Plus pH

hamilton-easyferm-plus-ph-sensorThe EasyFerm Plus family of pH-and ORP-electrodes is ideal for Biotech applications, like fermentations, where autoclavations, steam sterilisations (SIP) and cleaning in place (CIP) procedures occur frequently. In combination with the space saving Hamilton Hygienic Socket or FlexiFit the EasyFerm Plus fits perfect in many kinds of fermenters and vessels. Available with the innovative Arc technology.

  • stable measurement signals after steam sterilization, autoclaving and CIP
  • drift-free measurement
  • ceramic diaphragm ensures sterility of the electrode
  • available with various connector heads: S8, K8, VP 6, Memosens and Arc (VP 8)
  • ATEX-certificate for S8, K8, VP 6 and Memosens
  • medium affected materials according to USP class VI
  • available as ORP sensor


Oxyferm DO

hamilton-oxyferm-do2-sensorThe OxyFerm family of electrochemical (amperometric) oxygen sensors are designed for the use in biotechnology applications,where autoclavations, steam sterilisations (SIP) and cleaning in place procedures occur frequently. Different membrane materials and membrane body shapes with a protective edge or rounded are available. The rounded with the FDA-approved silicone membrane is called OxyFerm FDA. Available with the innovative Arc technology.

  • suitable for sterilization, autoclavation and CIP
  • 12 mm or 25 mm shaft (XL) diameter available

  • various O-ring positions for the XL-version available

  • different membrane kits available

  • polarization module available

  • various connector heads: T82/D4, VP 6 and Arc (VP 8)

  • ATEX-certificate for T82/D4 and VP 6 

VisiFerm Optical DO

hamilton-visiferm-do2-sensorHamilton is the first company to offer a self-contained oxygen measurement in the popular 12 mm format similar to standard process and pH electrodes and classical sterilizable oxygen sensors. VisiFerm DO optical sensors demonstrate a number of substantial advantages because of a symbiosis of sensor and measurement amplifier- an intelligent sensor.

  • suitable for steam sterilization, autoclavation and CIP
  • flow independant; self diagnostics
  • electrolyte-free so no leakages occur
  • no polarization time required
  • easily replacable sensor cap containing the sensing element
  • replacement sensor caps available
  • digital and analog (4-20 mA) signal output
  • ECS-mode available (Clark cell simulation)
  • connector heads: VP 8 (Arc)

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