AppliSens: Trusted sensors from a trusted name in Bioreactors

AppliSens, an Applikon Biotechnology Brand, is the trusted name in sensing for Applikon Bioreactors. We outfit our standard BioBundle systems are supplied with AppliSens pH and dissolved oxygen sensors to provide you with robust, accurate determination of your bioprocess performance. 

AppliSens pH Sensors

Applisens-pH-sensorGel-filled, sterilizable pH Sensor

In the biotech- and pharmaceutical industry it is vital to have precise information about the pH value of the bioprocess. The pH directly affects productivity, stability and analysis of the active ingredients. In a bioreactor / fermenter, the environmental conditions for cells or microorganisms should be optimal. The AppliSens pH+ sensor is the ultimate pH sensor for bioprocess measurement. The pH+ sensor has a fixed sleeve diaphragm. Compared to other diaphragm types, the sleeve diaphragm gives increased measuring accuracy and precision, resulting in excellent performance: 

  • No cross contamination
  • Precise calibration
  • Not sensitive to fouling
  • No need to recalibrate
  • Low and constant offset
  • Stable signal over time

The sensor is constructed using FDA approved materials, like the non-toxic solid gel electrolyte. Furthermore this sensor has an internal pressure, which reduces cross contamination. The pH sensor is designed to withstand repeated sterilization cycles without failure. AppliSens sensors have a Long-Life code print engraved serial number) on the sensor head and are accompanied by a certificate (good for validation; FDA / GLP).

The electrode has a 12 mm or 8mm body and a PG13.5 connector and fits into any standard sensor holder.

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AppliSens Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

applisens-do2-sensorLow-drift, sterilizable dissolved oxygen sensors

The majority of all biotechnological processes are of the aerobic kind. A microorganism or cell responds to the liquid phase oxygen concentration in regulating its overall metabolism. Therefore the knowledge of the DO concentration and the proper control during the process are of great importance. The AppliSens Low Drift DO sensor offers a guaranteed low drift. 


  • The sensor is constructed using FDA approved materials
  • Cable connector, identical to the one as with the pH sensor
  • 12mm diameter bodyPG13.5 connector, free spinning (easy mounting)
  • A Long-Life code print (engraved serial number) on the sensor head
  • Optimal cleanability (fully electropolished surface)
  • Each sensor is accompanied by a certificate(good for validation; FDA / GLP).

The AppliSens DO sensors are specifically designed for fermentation and cell culture application and designed to withstand repeated sterilizations without failure. The Low Drift DO sensor is based on the principle of the Clark cell and can be used in combination with any brand polarographic type of amplifier. The combination of a small cathode with a composite membrane along with a highly permeable reinforced silicon membrane results in:

  • low flow dependency
  • good response time
  • high mechanical strength
  • maintenance free operation over several months
  • simple maintenance

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