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Display2-250pxNew! The BlueInOne Display

Extend the convience of the BlueInOne Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide sensor by adding a display providing a view of your realtime data! Learn how you can add this display to an existing BlueInOne or add it on to a new system.


Download a product sheet for the BlueInOne Display. 


A modern gas analysis allows for control fermentation processes in real-time, and enables you to get greater insight into the performance of your cultures. BlueSens offers a number of in-situ sensors for the analysis of oxygen and carbon dioxide for the control of bioprocesses in a fermenter or flask.

BlueInOne Sensor for Fermenters

Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Measurement in One Sensor

3a1dc30312The BlueInOne online gas analyzer for bioprocesses combines the parallel measurement of CO2 and O2 with just one space-saving sensor. It can be used for fermenters of every size, from the lab to industrial scale. The BlueInOne Ferm also measures the pressure and humidity in the off gas of the bioprocess. Therefore the BlueInOne Ferm gas analyzer is neither affected by the gas flow nor by humidity in the process. This state-of-the-art combined gas analyzer stands for highest precision and reliability.


  • parallel measurement of O2 and CO2
  • Modbus OPC server available
  • compact stainless steel housing
  • PAT and QbD conform in-situ-measurement
  • auto compensated humidity and pressure
  • no gas cooler, pumps or valves needed
  • connectable to any hose/tube or pipe
  • status display by luminous pushbuttons

Application areas:

  • online bioprocess monitoring
  • real time process optimization
  • from lab  to industrial scale
  • suitable for fermentation or cell culture applications

Using the Blue-In-One for QbD


QbD (Quality by Design) is becoming more and more a standard in modern bioprocessing. QbD means that you always have to know and to understand your complete process and key parameters during the complete production process. To understand and to document your process during the complete production process makes this kind of production save and guarantees highest quality. With the BlueInOne Ferm gas analyzers each individual process is comprehensively analyzed and documented independently. The BlueInOne series makes it easy for you to start with the QbD production right away. When measurements are made using several BlueInOne units, all analyzers can be conveniently read out and controlled by just one computer. Contemporary bioprocessing frequently involves performing several processes in parallel. Specific variations can be tested in the individual bioreactors under identical cultivation conditions, allowing the decisive factors to be determined much faster (design of experiments, DOE). To start the QbD production, each BlueInOne only measures one process, allowing a very large amount of data to be obtained continuously and without interruptions, and practically eliminating the risk of inter-process contamination (this risk cannot be eliminated with a central analyzer). At an industrial scale, parallel processes make a continual production flow possible. If a fermenter is shut down for maintenance purposes, the remaining bioreactors can continue their production without problems. Using a central analyzer (mass spectrometer) for all fermenters would mean that you rely on a single device that could stop the complete production process. With the BlueInOne gas analyzers each individual process is comprehensively analyzed and documented independently. The BlueInOne series makes it easy for you to start with the QbD/PAT production. When measurements are made using several BlueInOne units, all analyzers can be conveniently read out and controlled by just one computer.

BCPreFerm for Flasks and Fermenters

For Measuring Off-Gas from Flasks and/or Fermenters

fc5dca2a92BCpreFerm by BlueSens is a complete analyzing system made for the analysis of metabolic processes. It is consisting of up to 6 CO2- and O2-senors, a BACCom data multiplexer and the FERMVis-software for automatic data recording.  By the modular structure of the system, BCpreFerm can be connected to shake flasks as well as to fermenters. BCpreFerm can also be added easily to existing bioreactors. In contradiction to central gas analyzers, the use of additional gas coolers, complicated lines, pumps and valves and the complicated processing of gases is no longer necessary. The CO2 and O2 sensors determine the respective gas concentrations continuously and directly in the fermenter or via a flow adapter.

Running continuous measurements of the CO2 and O2 contents in shake flasks and fermenters facilitates controlled trial conditions with simultaneous analysis of the metabolic processes. Oxygen or substrate limitations can be detected along with metabolic transpositions. Furthermore, a time specific analysis of the desired product is made possible. For improved comparability, the measurement system BCpreFerm can be used for shake flasks and fermenters.

BCpreFerm consists of:

  • up to 6 CO2- sensors
  • up to 6 O2- sensors
  • Multiplexer BACCom and BACCom EB for connecting 12 sensors through one interface (RS232, USB, Ethernet)
  • FermVis data acquisition software, calculation of the OTR, CTR, RQ


  • Cultivation in shake flasks
  • Cultivation in fermenters

Controlled growth through:

  • parallel analysis of CO2 and O2
  • display of OTR, CTR and RQ
  • defined trial conditions

Your advantages:

  • additional information about the metabolic processes during cultivation
  • high level of comparability
  • adjustable limitation
  • the modular construction of BCPreFerm

Arranging the experiment:

  • bcpreferm1 02Fill the culture medium into the shake flask
  • Seal the flask with a sterile filter
  • Autoclave the filled flask and inoculate it afterwards
  • Fix the flask on the shaker
  • Place the sensors for CO2 and O2 on the flask
  • Start the measurement via the software FermVis


  • bcpreferm2 02Place the sensors on the flow adapter
  • Connect a tube or a pipe
  • Start fermentation in the bioreactor
  • Start the measurement via the software FermVis

Example Data

Graphs: Fermentation in the shake flask. CO2- and O2-concentration recorded with FermVis. The oxygen uptake rate (OUR), carbon dioxide emission rate (CER) and the respiratory quotient are calculated by FermVis. 

bcpreferm3 04

bcpreferm4 04

NEW! BlueInOne Display

New! Display Available for BlueInOne

Img1-250pxFor all the BlueInOne gas analyzers there is a convenient additional display available now. It shows the current measurement data of the Co2 and O2 concentration. So you have the present measurement always directly in view. The display is simply connected via an up to 5 meters long data cable to the analogue 4-20mA output of the BlueInOne analyzer.

The BlueInOne are gas analyzer for the monitoring of bioprocesses and fermentations. The devices make the parallel analysis of O2 and CO2 in real time possible. The BlueInOne can be connected to any size of fermenter from the benchtop to the industrial production scale. The analyzers allow the creation of Golden Batch profiles or the determination of biomass in a process or the automatic calculation of vital process indicators like the CER, the OUR and the RQ. Via the available MODBUS OPC server all the data from the BlueInOne can be provided to all process lead systems of all fermenter-producing companies.

The new display is a practical upgrade to any BlueInOne. It is very easy to place close to the gas analyzer. Magnets at the backside of the housing of the display make the mounting easy and convenient. The display also has got a 4-20mA port, which passes the analog signal from BlueInOne. Thus, no ports are blocked by the display. In addition, the display has a button to perform a 1-point calibration. Thus, the calibration can also be started very simply, if the BlueInOne is not easy to reach. The display is supplied via the power from the 4-20 mA output and requires no external power supply and no batteries. There are versions for each BlueInOne; also devices that are already in use can be upgraded.


  • Convenient: the current measured values directly on site in view
  • Easy installation: quick control without software
  • Flexible to install, easy mounting
  • Time savings: even if the BlueInOne to reach buttons for one-point calibration bad
  • 4-20 mA port included, no ports are blocked



Display for BlueInOne Flyer

Learn More

Download a flyer on the Display for BlueInOne.

Request more information on the BlueSens off-gas analyzers by sending a message directly to your local Applikon representative.

Request more information on the BlueSens off-gas analyzers



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