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Our Team of Engineers possess an average of 20+ years of experience in the BioPharma industry, and we can get your bioprocess outfitted at any scale from R&D to Pilot, Clinical, and Commercial scales. 

Now, with the addition of DeltaV distributed control software to our suite of offerings, you can further streamline your work for maximum flexibility, efficiency, and reliability:

  • Automation from microscale to production
  • Single-use and multi-use systems
  • Open software solution
  • Fully validatable
  • Broad integration options

Key Features

  • Open Software and Hardware solution
  • Capability to be added to an existing system
  • Standardized automation software can be customized to meet customer requirements
  • Ability to transfer from process development to commercial
  • Engineering documentation available to support validation
  • GMP level validation package
  • Open to work with client on meeting their standards
  • Work directly with Emerson to ensure best solution is installed
  • Understanding of full vision of the customer needs
  • No hidden costs

System Capabilities

Process Capabilities

  • Control with single or redundant probes; all controls having shift capabilities and on/off deadbands and/or duty cycles
  • DO2 configuration for different control strategies – single or multiple gas(es), blended, fixed flowrate or capped vvm, including overlay control
  • Feed strategy options: bolus, continuous, exponential and other
  • Agitation control with ramp capabilities for DO2 interaction
  • Process to process independence that ensures multi-product control and eliminates collateral impact from one process change to the next
  • Data export to Excel and full batch report generation
  • Scale-down, scale-up modeling for future process validation studies


Bioreactor Capabilities

  • pH Calibration and control
  • DO2 Calibration and control
  • Agitation control
  • Temperature control - split level control for jacketed systems or simple control using heating blanket
  • Pump Calibration
  • Run setup import from Excel
  • Run Manager or Batch Executive
  • Alarm Management
  • Sampling and comprehensive data collection
  • including integration with NovaFlex and OSI PI

Installation and System Support

Installation, Testing and Qualification with software, process and equipment engineers – focusing on the successful release leading to enhanced process execution and control Automation and Process support during the initial stages of post-release use, ensuring a seamless transition and comprehensive training on your new bioreactor systems. Customized options for the level of testing and associated documentation packages for FAT, SAT,I/OQ and PQ. Have other specialized hardware needs? Ask us about custom options.

DeltaV Discovery

AppliVDeltaV Discovery provides the same DeltaV applications used widely in Life Sciences automation, but in a smaller footprint and reduced cost. With the combination of DeltaV Discovery and the Applikon local process controllers, you can:

  • Reduce your DeltaV benchtop footprint with workstation-based DeltaV and Applikon local process controllers
  • Accurately control and reduce variability in key process parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and pressure while maintaining the flexibility needed in R&D
  • Record and analyze process parameters with an embedded historian that simplifies real-time data collection and analysis
  • Interact with your laboratory applications using a familiar DeltaV operator user interface
  • Log process alarms and operating events with an integrated alarms and events historian
  • Easily integrate process measurements and other data sources with DeltaV Ethernet communications using OPC, Modbus, and Ethernet IP
  • Control up to 32 bioreactors from one DeltaV server.
  • Add on DeltaV’s powerful batch control and event history collection for a comprehensive lab system of records which is easily transferred to production systems

Note: For cGMP applications requiring validation, DeltaV Discovery may not be applicable. Please contact one of our engineers for more information. 

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