myControl and mini-Bioreactors: Real Small, Real Bioreactors

mycontrol-overviewStarting with smaller bioreactor cultures is the most cost effective way to develop a new process or troubleshoot a larger one. By implementing a scaled-down system, you save time, money, and headache. The combination of myControl and mini-Bioreactors gives you access to all the growth conditions, operation modes, sensors, and actuators that you can get from larger systems. That means you can execute all kinds of applications at a fraction of the usual cost.



The myControl and mini-Bioreactors were specifically designed to be a true scale-down of larger stirred-tank systems.That translates into greater flexibility and control of cultures—even at the smallest working volumes.

  • Save money on media components by using smaller working volumes.
  • Save time by operating multiple experiments in parallel
  • Shrink your seed culture requirements 
  • Maximize the productivity of your lab space and personnel

Applications of the myControl and mini-Bioreactors

  • Growth/Production optimization
  • Late-stage strain screening
  • Fed-batch and Continuous cultivations
  • Rapid medium formulation
  • Metabolic profiling
  • Basic R&D

myControl Controllers

 mycontrol-overviewmyControl: Flexible, reliable control of your process

myControl is our most advanced controller available for small-scale bioreactors, giving you an easy way to reliably scale-down cultivations. The controller is compatible with bioreactors ranging from 50 mL to 2,700 mL (working volume), and is easily convertible between microbial and cell culture configurations.

The system has a tiny footprint (~0.7 ft2), making it easy to set up parallel installations for fast experimental campaigns. Plus, the built-in software interface allows you to access myControl with a web browser (including via mobile devices), so you can manage your entire laboratory with ease.

As part of a BioBundle, your myControl is pre-configured and ready to use. Adding additional control loops, sensors, actuators, or external I/O is also fast and easy, so you will receive a system that meets your exact process specifications! Moreover, myControl is modular, so you can change your configuration options in the future as your experimental objectives evolve.


  • Simple setup and operation (includes control loops for pH, temperature, agitation, foam and level)
  • Autotuning, adaptive PID algorithms for accurate control of changing bioprocesses
  • Easy operation via web browsers (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android)
  • Parallel processing via connection of 1 to 16 myControl systems to a single interface
  • Liquid addition options that include 6 variable speed pumps or a micro-addition valve for precise feeding of very small cultures
  • Flexible gas addition strategies via 4 available mass-flow controllers
  • Bioreactor cooling via an electrical heating and cooling system—no lab water required
  • Expandible via extra input and output options
  • USB interface for biomass sensors, fluorescent sensors, and configuration updates


  • Screening, media optimization, modelling, and toxicity studies
  • Batch, fed-batch, perfusion, and continuous cultivation experiments
  • Microbial or Cell Culture cultivation



pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, agitation, foam and level 

  Optional: biomass, fluorphor pH, fluorphor dissolved oxygen 
  Optional: 4 x analog inputs (0-10 V) 
Control Type PID control with selectable autotuning adaptive control
 Actuators Up to 6 variable speed pumps or micro addition valves 
  Up to 4 mass flow controllers and 4 solenoid valves for gas flow control
  Electrical bioreactor heating via Peltier element or heating blanket
  Electrical bioreactor cooling via Peltier element
  Electrical condenser cooling via Peltier element
  Spare I/O: 8 x digital output, 4 x analog output (0.4-20mA)
Additional Features Emergency stop connection, central alarm output
  System status indicator (inactie/active/alarm) via integrated LEDs
Power Pmax = 480 VA 115/230 VAC
Dimensions 350 x 190 x 400 mm (D x W x H)
Weight 8.5 kg

mini-Bio Bioreactors

mini250-webApplikon Bioreactors:The Worldwide Standard

Because of their dependability and ease-of-use, Applikon laboratory bioreactors are the worldwide market leader. Each system is designed with quality and modularity in mind, meaning that you can operate these systems for years and upgrade as changes in research activities demand.

Our full range of bioreactors are scalable systems designed to ease transitions between the laboratory and larger scales. As part of a BioBundle, the bioreactors are supplied with everything you need to start working—sensors, impellers, connections, tubing, and spare seals are all provided.

Meaningful Results for Years to Come

  • Seamless integration with myControl
  • Includes sensors for pH, DO2, temperature
  • Modular design to meet current and future needs
  • Tough borosilicate glass design provides easy cleaning and thermal shock resistance
  • Configurable for microbial or cell culture
  • Compatible with batch, fed-batch-and continuous modes

3L-bioreacor-webA Powerful Bioreactor with a Compact Design

  • Configurable head plate for system customization
  • Scaled-down glass vessel to mimic larger bioreactor systems
  • Working volumes starting at 50mL
  • Integrated sample/feed tube holders for easy sterilization and transport
  • Electrical heating and cooling—no lab water needed

Ideal for:

  • Saving money on media costs
  • Quickly deploying several reactors in a small space
  • Strain/Media screening

Standard Bioreactors Also Available

In many configurations, our standard autoclavable vessels (up to 3L) can be used with myControl. Speak with your Applikon representative about these options.


  MiniBio 250/500mL  Standard 1/2/3L 
Total Volume 290/550mL 1.25/2.2/3.1L
Working Volume 50-200 mL 300-900/500-1,700/500-2,700mL
Footprint (diameter x height) 7.1"/7.6" x 9.8" 6.8" x 15.5"/7.5" x 17.2"/7.5"x17.2"
Drive System Direct drive, lipsealed Direct drive, lipsealed
Impellers Rushton or marine Rushton or marine
Gas Sparger Porous or L-type, overlay Porous or L-type, overlay
Exhaust Gas Electrically cooled condenser Water cooled condenser
Sampling Fixed sample pipe Fixed Sample pipe
Additions 4 fixed inlet ports and optional micro-valve addition
pH Measurement via classical pH sensor, control by acid, carbon dioxide, or alkalai addition
Dissolved Oxygen Measurment via classical DO sensor, Control by nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, agitation, or liquid feed
Temperature Control via electrical heating and coolingControl via electrical heating and water coolingHeight adjustable conductivity sensor
Optional inlets Septum, chemostat tube, liquid entry system
Optional sensors Biomass, optical density, off-gas

System Options

Customize to get the most from your bioreactors.

Your new myControl and mini-Bioreactor has everything you need to start working right away, and you can extend its capabilities with an array of powerful options for advanced sensing and control. Options can be added prior to delivery, or later as your needs change.

  • Mass-flow controllers for precision gas addition
  • Up to 6 pumps for liquid feeding
  • Balances for gravity feeding
  • Perfusion systems
  • Biomass monitors
  • Microvalve additions
  • Glucose sensors
  • External I/O for further extensions
  • OPC servers for integrations

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Application Data

Download a technical poster describing use of mini-Bioreactors for growth of human pluripotent stem cells.

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