Workshop on Biomass Measurements for Process Analytical Technology

Join our workshop and learn from experts about two advanced technologies for monitoring mammalian cells: capacitance and differential digital holography. The workshop will include several case studies and hands-on demonstration of the featured instruments measuring live cells and then integrating the data using the Lucullus Software System.

SPONSOR  University of Maryland and Applikon Biotechnology
LOCATION  U. of M. Biotechnology Research and Education Program, Rockville, MD
DATE  15 February 2017 
TIME  10:00 AM - 3:00 PM, with complimentary lunch 
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Confirmed Speakers

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Kay Eilers, Biosystems Engineer, Securecell AG

Software plays a critical role in the integration of PAT into advanced bioprocess control. The utility of software for predictive control will be discussed, while highlighting gains in efficiency that become possible with the Lucullus Process Information Management System.

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Dr. Aditya Bhat, Product Applications Manager, Aber Instruments

The principles behind Aber’s capacitance based measurements of live cell mass will be presented together with examples of applications in monitoring cell and microbial cultures. 

 Philip Mathuis

 Philip Mathuis, CEO, Ovizio Imaging Systems

Ovizio introduces Differential Digital Holographic Microscopy (DDHM) in a format for bioreactor monitoring. This is a novel technique for capturing online label-free, quantitative and qualitative information cells in suspension cultures allowing for on-line cell counting and viability monitoring.

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